Gundog & Pet Dog Training Centre in Heswall, Wirral


Wirral Gundogs provides dog training classes and individual training sessions at our private 8 acre training ground in Heswall, Wirral. We specialise in gundog training, but all breeds are welcome. 

For Gundogs

Our private 8 acre training ground is designed to replicate the many and varied scenarios that you will come across in trials, tests and on shoot days.Watch Wirral Gundogs' Gary McCarthy with FTW Muggleswick Samba carry out two fantastic 260 yard retrieves on our training ground - from the air!

Click here for a long retrieve over water
Click here for a long retrieve over jumps & ditches

We own working gundogs and compete nationally & internationally in Trials and Tests, so this area is our speciality. Our training ground is set up to present numerous real-life scenarios that we have come across in Working Tests and Trials. If you want to work your gundog, whether beating, picking up, or competing in Working Tests and Trials, we can help prepare you.

Working Breeds as Pets
Perhaps you own a gundog breed, but you don't want to actually work your dog - that's fine! Through training with us you will harness your dog's natural abilities and instincts, resulting in an obedient dog who is a pleasure to have around, and who loves his training - because he will be doing exactly what he is designed to do!

Wirral Gundogs & Gundog Gear use & recommend Sneyds Wonderfeeds complete dry dog food. To find out more & purchase click here. Quote 'GUNDOGGEAR' to get 10% off your order.