Gundog & Pet Dog Training Centre in Heswall, Wirral

We have group classes available for puppies, working gundogs and pet dogs. We also offer private lessons.

We do not insist upon you booking a block of lessons, as every dog and handler is different, and we also appreciate that life is very busy! We show you how to train your dog - we don't train your dog for you - you do that!

New Puppy Consultation

£10 for a 30 minute private consultation

We advise that training should begin no earlier than 14 to 16 weeks; before that puppies have a very short attention span and really need to be made to feel safe, loved and socialised.

Puppy Classes (max 6 - 8 handlers per session)

£10 per handler for a 1 hour session. These classes are suitable for all breeds of dog - they all benefit from the same basic training. Puppy training involves: 

  • The correct use of the lead 
  • Walking to heel 
  • Sit, stay & recall 
  • Whistle work 
  • Introduction to retrieving 
  • Delivery 
  • Socialisation 
  • Steadiness training 
  • Explanation of gundog & field etiquette and discipline.

 Novice & Intermediate Gundog Training Classes

Maybe you’ve already brought your gundog puppy to us, and now you’re hooked and you want more! Maybe you have a novice dog and you want help getting him ready for his first Working Tests, or maybe you have a young gundog breed who needs to be given some purpose and direction – we can help with all this and more…

Novice & Intermediate training involves: * Line work *stop whistle *hunting techniques *water work *jumping *blind retrieving *walked-up practice *working in a group *Working Test simulation

Open Gundog Training Classes

You’ve worked really hard on your dog – now let us get you ready for Open. By the time you reach this level, your dog should be stopping on the whistle, steady to shot, heeling correctly, delivering correctly, have mastered the hunting technique, marking long distance retrieves, working comfortably across water etc etc.

Your training programme will be entirely tailored to meet your requirements. We will help you to polish your handling techniques, and we will help you work through many challenging scenarios always found at Open level. At this stage we make full use of multiple remote dummy launchers, cold game when available, jumps, ditches, blinds across water and long marked and blind retrieves etc etc - the training ground really comes into its own...

Pet Training classes (max 6 – 8 per class)
£10 per handler for a 1 hour session.
The focus will be on obedience, steadiness and polite socialisation in these pet training classes, which will provide an opportunity to build upon all you learned in the puppy class. Don't worry, we'll make sure you have plenty of fun too!
Private pet dog sessions
£20 per hour at our training ground, £30 per hour (includes travelling time) at your home.

Normally a private pet dog session would only be suggested if you had a particular problem that needed addressing. Dogs generally work best in a group environment, which is why group lessons work really well.

If required, Gary can visit you at home to deal with ‘location specific’ problems.

Dog Agility Classes (coming soon)
£10 per handler for a 1 hour session.
Agility classes will be added to our schedule this summer. Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis, so contact us to register your interest and reserve your place.

Private gundog sessions
£20 per hour
A more intensive session for the serious gundog handler. Iron out particular issues,prepare for a working test, trial or training day.

Gundog Training Days
£240 /day for a group of up to 8 handlers

We offer full training days (10am – 4pm) for groups working towards field trials &working tests.

The ideal group size is 6 handlers, but we will accommodate up to 8.

A handler is welcome to bring more than one dog – we can, for example, do a novice session in the morning and an open session in the afternoon – the day will be tailor-made to meet your needs.

The cost is £240 per day for the whole group. Two or more consecutive days can be booked if you wish – this is especially popular with groups travelling from abroad.

Bring a packed lunch. Information about local accommodation is available upon request.