Gundog & Pet Dog Training Centre in Heswall, Wirral


Our bespoke private 8-acre training ground has been designed to incorporate every single scenario gundogs and their handlers may face in working tests and trials. We have removed over two thousand tonnes of clay to create two large water features - one incorporating two islands, the other surrounded by reed beds - like you will find on many natural shooting grounds and working test areas. With these water retrieves, we bring in jumps over circular, square, curved and angled fences constructed from a variety of materials.

We have a 280 yard retrieving lane to teach the 'back' command - puppies start from 20 yards,  whilst the Open dogs can be stretched to the full 280 yards. We have single, double and triple fences, gateways, ditches, long grasses, root crops, hedgerows and copse areas to challenge every standard of dog.

Remote controlled dummy launchers and starting pistols are used to simulate walked-up training and mini drives etc.

We can cater for single trainers to full days for groups up to 8 handlers and their dogs. Our ground is used regularly by top field trialers, many in the England team, including England Retriever Captain David Latham who hosts training sessions and masterclasses throughout the year – and if he thinks its worth visiting then it must be!

The training ground has been designed to present handler and dog with as many real-life scenarios as possible, recreating the conditions and terrain that you will find picking up,beating, shooting, and most importantly in working wests and field trials. And every time we find something new when out and about we find a way to work it into the training ground – resulting in endless challenges and possibilities.

We have also constructed a car park for easy access to the training ground.

A massive thank you must be given to Barry Cooper, Andy Smith and Dave Latham for their insight, help and encouragement that went into creating the training ground.